Who is the Healthcare Mafia?

This article was written by a former hospital president.  It explains why the insurers stocks and the hospital stocks keep going up as they cry about losing money:

  1. Health reform discussions are the worst kind of political theatre. Congress does the bidding of the industry which spends more on lobbying than the defense, aerospace, and the oil and gas industries combined. 

  2. It is as if it were illegal to even mention the rigged system of medical pricing.

  3. Your price depends on how much can be extracted from you on an individual basis, often at your most vulnerable. If you are out-of-network or uninsured you pay the highest prices. It is a vicious predatory system.
  4. The actual problem with our system is that medical pricing is all smoke and mirrors and totally dishonest. Sadly, not one politician has shown the courage to challenge the industry’s death grip on pricing.

The whole thing is a sham.

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