$76,000? Nope.

When John McCain had his eye surgery that delayed the Senate vote on healthcare you just knew that it was going to be fodder for the critics.  Well, here it is:

If John McCain were uninsured, his surgery could have cost $76,000

Not exactly. First of all, no one really knows what the cost of the surgery would have been since there is NO transparency.  Would you buy a television or a car without knowing the price?  Healthcare is a fantasy world created by these idiots in Congress who have been in cahoots with the insurance industry.

If McCain had one of the health ministries (MediShare, CHM, etc.) then the price, from my experience with my patients, would have been dropped significantly. Using a similar example from someone I know, his cost would have come to about $50K and the health ministry would have paid it all.  Even better, the $26K savings would have been applied to his $5K deductible so it would have cost McCain nothing.  Would a regular insurance do that?

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If McCain had a bare bones plan or catastrophic plan then his monthly fees would have been very reasonable (see these short term plans at United) and his out of pocket cost would have been his deductible or about $10K.  Who could afford $10K you say?  Well, I pay more than that in a year with my monthly premium and that is before my deductible. And I am not alone.

This article is bogus.  I don’t want to say “fake news” but how about hyperbole news or embellished news?

There is an answer.  Let the free market work.  And take away the special heath coverage for Congress as well.



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