Why the AAFP Won’t Help You With the MOC Issue

I have mentioned the conflict of interest before between the AAFP and ABFM.  Here are some links:

The Dream Team of the ABFM and AAFP Come Together

ABFM: Lipstick on a Pig

Why Does the ABFM Get Any Publicity?

Want more proof?

In the most recent issue of the American Family Physician is a three page ad on what is called the PerformanceNagivator.  It turns out that you can satisfy your “Family Medicine Certification’s Performance Improvement and Self-Assessment” activities all in one program.  Hooray!

Once again there is an intentional deception here.  This is not for initial certification. It is for the bogus MOC where the ABFM makes millions of……..us.  They made $14 million off the MOC alone in 2015.   They have $86 million in assets!  Do you have that much?

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The top picture is the ad showing that it is obvious the AAFP is in cahoots with the ABFM.  There is no way that the ABFM is giving that CME money all to the AAFP.  It must be shared.  And there is a ton of it.

So when people ask why doesn’t the AAFP help us to end the MOC now you know why.

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