What Healthcare Bill Would Work?

I am no economist but my job as a direct primary doctor has proven that the free market works. Even more importantly, it proves that the insurance companies are needed very rarely.  They don’t need to navigate your care.  They don’t need to negotiate prices for you.  They don’t need be called “your healthcare provider”.  They are there to be a safety net when a catastrophe happens.  That should be all.  Consumers can bring prices down if they are left to their own devices.

With all this I still don’t know what EXACT plan will work but I know we are in the right direction if the insurers are pissed off about it.  Remember, they LOVED Obamacare!

This article in the Washington Post was titled Health insurers have been strangely quiet about undoing Obamacare. Until now.   It went on to say:

Cruz and Lee’s amendment, called the “consumer freedom amendment,” would allow insurance companies to sell cheap health plans that don’t meet the Affordable Care Act’s coverage requirements as long as insurers also agree to sell a plan that does. For example, an insurer could sell a skimpy plan without maternity coverage or reject people with certain preexisting conditions — so long as they sell a plan that doesn’t do those things. The idea, endorsed by Vice President Pence, is that healthy people would be able to buy only the coverage they want.

But in a letter to lawmakers and a document circulating on Capitol Hill, health insurers’ trade groups said that policy would destabilize the insurance marketplaces, cause premiums to rise unsustainably for people with chronic health conditions and leave fewer and fewer insurers selling plans — all the hallmarks of a death spiral.

“I’m writing to make clear my view on how the ‘Consumer Freedom Option’ is unworkable as it would undermine preexisting condition protections, increase premiums and destabilize the market,” Scott Serota, president and chief executive of the BlueCross BlueShield Association, wrote to Cruz and Lee.

I call bulls%t on the insurance trade groups.  They are worried about only one thing and that is their profits. I only hope that this plan would put them in a death spiral!

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