It’s So Simple!

This is your new payment plan:

The CMS’ Comprehensive Primary Care Plus program offers three forms of upfront financial incentives to health care practices that offer comprehensive care management while implementing payment reforms. These incentives include care management fees that are based on the patient’s risk score and on the payer, performance-based incentive payments which are given as rewards to a practice’s performance on quality and utilization measures, and Comprehensive Primary Care Payments that are only given to practices participating in Track 2 of the program.

The above summary came via the AAFP Family Medicine SmartBrief but the full article is here in Medical Economics.  Doesn’t is sound great?  Do you understand any of it?  I don’t. Let’s count the big words/terms that mean nothing:

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Incentives
  3. Reforms
  4. Care management
  5. Risk score
  6. Performance-based
  7. Quality and utilization measures

Wow, nice job!  There are seven “administralian” words/terms (use language of administrators).  My bullsh%t detector goes off when there are more than 2 administralian words.  Therefore, the odds of this plan working are minimal.

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