Jimmy Carter is Right by Pat Conrad MD

For the first time ever, I have to say <deep breath> …Jimmy Carter is right.  Whew, never thought that would happen.

Former Pres. Carter predicts that the U.S. will eventually have a single-payer healthcare system.  He has pushed for this socialist dream for years, and it is happening doubtless to his great glee.  I don’t like it, for reasons detailed over several year on this site:  it is antithetical to the doctor-patient relationship, is dehumanizing, is anti-freedom, guarantees gross cost overruns leading to rationing, encourages patient abuse, and will not work in anyway proclaimed by the compassion merchants.  But it’s coming.  Why is Carter right?

  1. Since 1965, Medicare and Medicaid have skewed the healthcare market, causing insane upward inflationary spirals and adding hundreds of billions in unnecessary, strangling administrative overhead to hospitals and doctors that benefit no one (except giving jobs to parasitic government employees and their quasi-government collaborators).
  2. Doctors and hospitals are almost totally ensnared in the growing government healthcare trap and unable to extract themselves from what they see as a vital revenue stream.  Those who provide it now see participation in government health care as mandatory to their economic survival, and too often camouflage their interests in rhetoric that wrings hands over the poor and elderly, conveniently ignoring the punishment to those who pay the bills and the threat to our economic survival.
  3. Patients and the lay public are increasingly, willfully ignorant regarding the issue, replacing any critical examination with groundless feelings that an almighty “someone” must step in to care for everyone.  Polls, and electoral trends show that patients prefer security to freedom of choice and action, a “Bobby McGee” approach to public policy that ignores the lessons of the past century.
  4. Big Insurance and Big Pharmaceuticals will do whatever they can to maximize their short-term profits while hoping for the best in the long-term.  They are part of a crony-corporatist infrastructure so large and so corrupt that no one can envision undoing it, even as it drive prices upward and drive all of us faster toward total government control.
  5. Our elected officials on both sides of the aisle are bought and paid for by these crony-corporate interests, and too cowardly to tell voters outright that they do not have a right to federally provided care.  Add to that the seemingly universal ego predilection of elected officials to “do good” beyond the bounds of their office, and you have no energy whatsoever for real reform that might reverse this slide.

By demanding a false security that they are not willing to pay for, voters invite others to make decisions for them.  The Dems love the way things are (going); the GOP is all mouth and no stomach for reform; Big Insurance, Big Pharmaceuticals, and Big Medicine are all actively fighting against real reform, and funding their politicians to block it.

The real resistance will be the partisans of Direct Primary Care, and every effort must be made to expand it and prepare for the assaults against it which will grow the closer we get to realizing Carter’s dream.

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