The Nonprofit Hospital

Check this NPR hit piece on nonprofit hospitals. Ouch.  It seems that even though they get extreme tax breaks to deal with lower income patients many of these hospitals want more. Now they are garnishing some of these patients’ wages.

Let me come at this from many angles.

  • First of all, the whole “nonprofit” designation has always been suspect to me.  The NFL has been nonprofit for years (though that may finally change).  They rake in billions.
  • Second of all, nonprofit literally means not showing a profit. Well, you can hide that profit in massive expansions.  Why does it seem that every hospital in the country is always building something?  Think about it.  You always hear about new plans or see the cranes with more construction going on. Or, better yet, why do these CEOs of these hospitals make tons of money?  Well, it is a great way to hide your profits.
  • Lastly, to be contrarian, my guess is that the hospital may be sick of patients who don’t even attempt to pay. We all know frequent flyers who could give a damn about their bill.  Is that fair?  Probably not.  If you go after their wages will they keep coming?  Probably not.  There is your answer.

Am I wrong on this?  Tell me your thoughts.

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