Creating New Specialties

Are we just creating new names for specialties on a whim now?  I have never heard of a nocturnist before.  Wikipedia, you know, the source for anything official, says a nocturnist is “a hospital-based physician who only works overnight. Most nocturnists are trained in internal medicine or family medicine and have experience in hospital medicine.”

So, basically, a hospitalist who cannot see sunlight?   Does he bite people and drink their blood too?  Isn’t that a Draculist?

Come one.  This has to be a joke.  I can make up names too. Heck, this could be fun:

  1. Candiasist – a physician who only sees patients with yeast.
  2. Gloomist – a physician who only sees sad patients.
  3. Repugnist – a physician who only sees ugly patients.
  4. Phallist – a physician who only sees politicians.
  5. Pannist – a physician who only sees fat people.

Now it is your turn.  Send in some ideas for names of new specialties.  Be creative and share your humor!

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