The AAFP Continues Their Cluelessness

At the most recent AAFP yearly meeting, it was decided:

Healthcare is a basic human right and there should be a “publicly funded universal primary care program,” according to resolutions adopted Wednesday by the American Academy of Family Physicians Congress of Delegates here.

The healthcare-as-right resolution stated that the AAFP “recognize that health is a human right for every person, not a privilege.” It was amended to clarify “that the right to health includes universal access to timely acceptable and affordable healthcare of appropriate quality” and was passed with resounding applause.

Good for them.  It is so easy to be the good guy.  It is so easy to say everything is free.  The problem is that the answers are not easy.  They don’t say how it will be paid for.  They have no plan.   Just another wish for the AAFP.

I want better health for everyone.  The problem is that I cannot control what people eat, drink, how much they smoke, or how much they exercise.  Correct me if I am wrong but everyone has the right to do ALL of this.  They just don’t do it.  The AAFP, of course, takes the easy road and mentions none of this.  They do mention that somehow “universal access to timely, acceptable and affordable healthcare of appropriate quality” should be magically created and paid for.  Don’t get me wrong, for a reasonable price, you can actually get this with DPC, which is only attained via a free market. You cannot, however, get it with a government-run, bureaucratically heavy system.  It will fail.

And someone please explain to me why having food, water, and shelter is not a right but yet healthcare is?

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