Burnout and Resilience

Burnout is the new “in” thing.  Everyone is worried about it, especially the idiots who helped create it.  Here is another AAFP attempt at placating its members with a series called “Family Medicine Physicians Speak Out on Burnout and Resilience”.  The title, to me, basically says, “Family Docs are Trying to Weather the Storm but Someone Needs to Rescue Them”.  Well, Ryan Neuhofel DO, explains how they need to be an active participant in their own rescue. Ryan is a DPC doctor and one of the early pioneers in it.  He explains that to win this game we need to grab the reigns and own the game. He really does a nice job in this video on Medscape (you may need to register with Medscape and they won’t let me download the video).  Please check him out.

By the way, Ryan will be at the DPC Conference in Orlando with me and many others doing talks in these areas.  Come check us out.

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