ABMS Reevaluating MOC?

Are you ready for another smokescreen?  The head of the ABIM, Richard Baron MD, said:

“We’re figuring out what is the best way to recognize and reward and acknowledge special expertise that doctors have, do it in a way that it results in a credible credential that adds value to their professional ability to do what they do.”

What he is really saying is that “we’re figuring out what is the best way to make money off doctors without them bitching about it”.

Here is more from the article:

The ABMS and those member boards, which represent various specialties, last week announced it will establish a commission that will include multiple partners to reevaluate the MOC system. The goal is to create a system of continuing board certification that “is meaningful, relevant and of value,” while meeting the demand of patients, hospitals and others who expect physicians to maintain their knowledge and skills to provide quality care, the group said.

Who gave them that goal?  No one!  It’s like me saying that I have a goal to create a system where you give me all your life savings.  I feel that goal is best for me.  What’s that?  You don’t like that?  Well, too bad because your board certification depends on it.

Also, they did not create CME.  We get CME from other areas. No other profession is held to such unreasonable standards.  This is a money grab, plain and simple, and they hold your board certification hostage if you don’t do what they say.

Lastly, Baron goes on to say:

However, Baron told MedPage Today that the cost of just under $2,000 to maintain certification covers a 10-year period and breaks down to less than $200 a year. And there’s evidence that board-certified physicians earn more money than those not certified, he said. Furthermore, he said, the ABMI finances are posted on the organization website in full transparency.

This dude is a joke.  Dr. Wes, he was obviously responding to you on this.  Any thoughts?

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