Medical Schools and their New Training Emphasis

The AMA Rounds points out that:

Modern Healthcare provided an update on the progress at the NYU School of Medicine at NYU Langone Health and other medical schools “that received $1 million grants in 2013 through the AMA’s Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium.” That effort “advocates teaching students about health system science, which emphasizes the role of human factors in value-based care delivery, collaboration throughout systems, leadership and patient improvement strategies.” Susan Skochelak, MD, group vice president of medical education at the AMA, said, “We think about teaching the science of medicine, but we have some students leaving medical school who don’t know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare – and that’s not on them, it’s on us.” AMA President David O. Barbe, MD, said. “Once upon a time, the physician could get away with focusing on patient care and letting someone else worry about insurance and the economics of it.” Dr. Barbe added, “Those times are way past.”

How does that sit in your belly?

  • Teaching value-based care, which is unproven
  • Patient improvement strategies, which is unproven
  • Learning the difference between Medicaid and Medicare, which takes 3 seconds and who gives a crap
  • Learning about insurance, which is a broken model

The rest of the Modern Healthcare article is a treasure trove of nausea so take some Zofran before you read it. See how students are studying:

  • EHR platforms
  • How to be patient navigators
  • How to work in teams and with social workers, nurses and other non-clinicians to grasp how the system is interconnected and to best use community resources to keep patients healthy

In a perfect world, we could teach students EVERYTHING but I have seen students who don’t know how to do physical exams, do a SOAP note, or actually communicate with another human.  They are lacking the basic power of observation (“How did you not see the tobacco stains on his fingers” or “Did you not notice she was demented and confabulating?”).  But at least we are teaching them EHR platforms and insurance models.

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