Miffed MedPAC Mainly Mad at MIPS

The circle of life comes around again.

MedPAC, whose members include physicians, healthcare executives, and other policy experts charged with advising the Department of Health and Human Services on Medicare policy issues is mad at MIPS or the Merit-based Incentive Payment System.  Don’t forget that MIPS is the umbrella for MACRA or the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act.  Rember MACRA replaced the SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate) formula. There is also the APMs which are the Alternative Payment Models. Got it?

As I have said here before, quality metrics have failed and will always fail. That never stops the government and policy experts, though.   Now they have some new acronyms:

  • Voluntary Value Program
  • Advancing Care Information (ACI)
  • Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (CPIA)

There is some more garbage at the end of the article and you can see it here but who really cares?  It won’t work. The whole point of this blog entry is to see if you could say Miffed MedPAC Mainly Mad at MIPS ten times without screwing it up.  Try it.  It’s fun.

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