Where is My Credit for Suing the Joint Commission?

For years I have asked someone to help me get the Joint Commission.  Here is what I said almost FIVE YEARS AGO:

The scumbags at the Joint Commission were also bought out by Big Pharma and forced docs to prescribe more narcs in the hospital.  They go unscathed and continue to be given limitless power.  Even better, they still don’t change their guidelines even though there is no evidence behind it.

Then, a year ago I said this:

I also believe that the famous pain scale with the cartoon faces on it was ALSO sponsored by Purdue.  If I am wrong, please correct me.

I need help.

  1. Does anyone have that pain scale card that shows it was sponsored by Purdue Pharmaceuticals?
  2. Does anyone have the guide sponsored by the Joint Commission (JCAHO at that time) as mentioned in the WSJ article?

I personally believe that the Joint Commission or JCAHO should be called on this.  Help me get them.

Well, someone has listened to me!

‘This is just the beginning’: Scope of opioid lawsuits widens to include hospital accreditor

But where is my credit?  They are saying everything I was saying!

Industry involvement also went beyond the standards. In the early 2000s, pharmaceutical firms — including Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin — underwrote educational Joint Commission programing and paid for its own events to train hospital physicians about the accreditation standards, the lawsuit said. Even after the Food and Drug Administration warned Purdue in 2003 about overstating OxyContin’s effectiveness in ads, the Joint Commission kept producing materials that urged doctors to treat patients until they were “free from pain.” According to the lawsuit, the pattern continued for years, leading to the promotion of pain as the “fifth vital sign” in articles, as well as published education materials funded by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, maker of Duragesic, a skin patch that contains fentanyl.

I want in. Seriously.  I actually have been trying to get a lawyer to sue the Joint Commission for over 4 years now but they wouldn’t take the case.  No matter.  I will live and laugh and get some joy out of West Virginia destroying these lowlifes.  Go get’em, boys!!

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