More Narrow Network BS

Remember when President Obama said if you like your insurance plan or doctor, you can keep your plan and your doctor? I think he said it 36 times.  Well, we physicians knew that was all a scam.  And guess what?  We were right.  Now NPR gets in on the act years later and speaks about this travesty but they do it in a laughable manner.  The person they interview is Julie Rovner (from Kaiser Health News) who says this:

“Well, this is something that dates back to the beginning of the Affordable Care Act. Remember, they’re required – insurers are required now to provide this wide array of benefits. And when they were starting to put together their plans, they thought, how are we going to do this and still keep this insurance affordable? And one of the ways they did that was by having what we call narrow networks, meaning they only contract with a limited number of doctors and hospitals. And the hospitals that they most often don’t contract with are these big teaching hospitals because they tend to be expensive.

So we’ve seen this not just in places like Virginia, but we’ve seen it across the country starting in 2014 when this began, where people who had children or family members or themselves in the middle of – often, cancer treatment – were suddenly cut off from their hospitals. So it is a big problem for people who have ongoing care needs like this family. This year, when there are so many insurers that have pulled out of the market – because as you discussed, of the instability and the things that the president has done – there are more people who only have a choice of one insurer. So that if that insured doesn’t cover the hospital that they need, they have a problem like the Briggs.”

So, let’s break this down. The narrative they are trying to spin is that the insurers HAD to do this. You know, to save money and keep insurance affordable. Affordable? That must be a joke.  Rovner then implies that cutting back on doctors by narrow networking was smart business that was expected out of the insurers.  Really?  So, this proves Obama lied right off the bat and this wasn’t a surprise when it happened. Funny thing, you don’t hear that talked about much in the media.  In the next paragraph, Rover then puts the blame on this president.  What?  Love or hate him there is nothing he really did that caused this mess.  This piece of crap legislation was a massive tax that only benefitted the few and filled the coffers of the insurance companies. It was and still is an embarrassment.  Saying anything else is just a rationalization.

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