We Need to Get Data to the Private Payers!

The AAFP Smartbrief came out with their newsletter and one of their topics ended with this proclamation: “Health care professionals need to do a better job collecting data, and accurate data are needed in a timely fashion to allow private payers to make decisions, experts said.”

This was in reference an article titled Data Analytics Can Drive Change in Health Care: Data analytics is transforming the health care system, but the U.S. has to embrace the change in the US News and World Report.

Once again, it is the healthcare professionals who are at fault for everything!  This time we are not doing a good enough job getting third parties the data they want.  Now, why is that?  Maybe because we are actually seeing and treating patients?  Are you kidding me with this crap?

More from the article: However, the provider community has done a poor job at collecting data, said Dr. Lisa Ihsii, the senior medical director for clinical integration and the chief quality officer for clinical best practices at Johns Hopkins Medicine. She explained the “provider community has done a poor job with data collection” and has resisted standard and systematic data collection. Physicians’ clinical notes are too cryptic and, though they mean something to the provider, they can’t be read by others and used to extract meaningful data, she said.

  • “It’s a sad state. It’s a data dump. It’s an aggregate system that private payers can’t make decisions on. We need to change how we do business,” Gregg said. “We need timely, accurate data.” (Gregg is vice president of employee benefits at Prudential Financial).
  • Dr. Julian Harris, the president of CareAllies at Cigna, believes teaching accountability in medical school will help “ensure we have a sustainable health care system.” It will teach what it means to take care of an entire population and what it means to be held accountable for cost. These are things not being taught in medical schools now, but something that could take a decade to implement. Using data from a claims perspective can be valuable, he said.

This is why I want nothing to do with industrialized healthcare.  We are blamed for everything.  We are treated as clerks who work for private payers. Oh, and we need to change the medical education system to fit the needs of Cigna.

All unproven.  All garbage.  Can we stop listening to these idiots already?

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