Saving Doctors From Burnout?

I mock the AAFP hard when they attempt to “fix” our burnout?  They are a joke. Why?  Because they agreed to everything that has caused our burnout and they have no new answers.  On the other hand,  Katherine Restrepo wrote this great piece in Forbes called Direct Primary Care: Saving Doctors From Burnout  and you should read it. Why is it so great? Well, because it shows that DPC is an answer. Yes, she references me a lot but don’t let that get in the way as the rest of her article makes some great points:

  • I’ve written a lot about the benefits DPC offers to patients, but not enough on how it’s a way to save doctors from burnout.
  • A major cause of burnout is “bureaucratic drag” – a toxic amalgamation of administrative demands that erodes the physician-patient relationship. It’s time spent on getting approval from insurance companies to prescribe medications or request an MRI. It’s time wasted by physicians proving to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that their government-certified electronic health record (EHR) is effectively tracking patient care. It’s frustrated clinics waiting to receive either a bonus or “negative payment adjustment” on quality metrics submitted to Medicare. It’s the pressure to see more patients in less time.
  • A traditional physician’s workday is now evenly split between actual patient care and work outside of the exam room, reports a Health Affairs study. This is one of the reasons why nine out of ten physicians do not recommend others pursue medicine. Almost one in two experience exhaustion, cynicism, or hopelessness.

There’s more so go ahead and read and share, please.  Help spread the DPC virus!

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