The ABIM Falls Flat On Its Face

How bad is this video from the American Board of Internal Medicine?  Well, it’s so bad, and they are so hated, that they had to disable comments for it.  I have a tear in my eye laughing about that.

There are 11 thumbs up and 36 thumbs down clicks.

Forget the fact that the “changes” mentioned never affects their bank account.

Oh, and the guy with the shit eating grin on the left, Richard Baron MD, made $860K in 2015.  I don’t have updated data but I am sure it was much more than that last year.

Also, remember this about the ABIM (per Wes Fisher):

  • No proof MOC works.
  • ABIM is $50 million in debt but their ABIM foundation has $81 million.  Funneling of your money from one to the other.
  • Their by-laws show they can have any conflict of interest they want!
  • All their members (physicians) are research subjects.
  • $2.3 Luxury condo
  • $6.5 million to Cayman Islands
  • They are selling physicians’ research recertification data.
  • NCQA and ABIMF and Richard Baron MD are all linked
  • Kickbacks and illegal lobbying

Stop supporting these idiots!

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