Affordable Care Act Victims?

“People feel we’re victims in a really ugly political game,” said Ian Dixon, 38 years old, an app developer in Charlottesville whose premiums for his family of four will jump from $988 a month to $3,158 a month, according to prices he found on the ACA exchange. “We have to take this up to Capitol Hill.”

Really?  The above quote came from an article in the Wall Street Journal and it is incredulous.  What political game? The highly left-leaning city supported the Affordable Care Act and now they are crying about it?   And “they are urging lawmakers to keep the insurance requirement because they say ending it will raise costs. And they want Congress to restore billions of dollars in federal funding that helps insurers offset the costs of subsidies for low-income consumers.” Sorry, bro, this monstrosity is about to blow up fast and you are just an offering to the insurance gods.  And they don’t care about you.

The insurance companies always win.  Either they gouge you as the consumer or they demand to be bailed out by the government with subsidies, which is basically more taxes on us.

The rest of the article is laughable as a few hundred people from C’ville are going to write some letters and demand the GOP change their mind.  Whatever.

Chicken meet roost.

Personally, I had to drop health insurance and purchase one of the health ministry options (Liberty).  Instead of paying $1800 a month I will be paying $440.  Is it the same coverage?  No. In some ways, it’s better and in some ways, it’s worse. I would have you look into it for yourself.  Maybe if we all walk from the insurers they can go broke and real competition can bring prices down.  Or we can whine like the little crybabies of Charlottesville where they cry together on a Facebook page, which will accomplish nothing.

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