Good News! The AMA is Going to Help With Physician Burnout, Too.

Not to be outdone by the AAFP, the AMA wants to show you how much they can help your burnout too.  This is a paid post on Facebook by the American Medical Association. Remember, this is the same group that created the Relative Value Unit, which pays primary care the least.  That has caused burnout.  They also make money off the coding that has taken years off our lives.  That has caused burnout.  They have agreed to all the quality metrics.  That has caused burnout.   In fact, one could say that the AMA has not only been complicit in causing physician burnout out but now they want to profit from it as well.

In fact, I think that this may be the most ridiculous ad for an organization I have ever seen.  They are a life coach?  An office manager?  A calculator?  What has that got to do with burnout?  They want to extinguish physician burnout?  Are you kidding me?  AMA is more like kerosene igniting physician burnout and yet they put this propaganda out like this ad.

What do you think?  Am I wrong on this?

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