Physician Burnout Costing Hospitals Money

I always find these articles interesting.  This one from Reuters explains how gardening, Yoga and personal coaches really haven’t done anything to stop the rising rate of physician burnout.

No sh$t! Want more?

Some leading healthcare executives now say the way medicine is practiced in the United States is to blame, fueled in part by growing clerical demands that have doctors spending two hours on the computer for every one hour they spend seeing patients.

How are these people called “leading executives” if they are just figuring this out now?  Sounds like they are idiots to me because they have been told for years what was happening.  And the only reason these executives, and the hospitals they consult to, care is because they just realized it is costing them money.

Experts estimate, for example, that it can cost more than a $1 million to recruit and train a replacement for a doctor who leaves because of burnout.

I just love the things they are trying in order to fix this crap. I will list a few from the article:

  • Hiring more mid-level providers
  • Hiring more pharmacists
  • Hiring more staff to deal with email and “clicks”

I would go on to highlight more of the article but I got nauseated seeing Dr. Christine Sinsky being highlighted again. Feel free to read her crap if you want but it’s useless.

The truth is that the system cannot be fixed from the inside!  We physicians need to walk!  For primary care there is DPC. For others….who knows?  Find your own way.  Maybe it is cash only like Dr. Keith Smith and his Surgical Center of Oklahoma.  Maybe it is a form of direct care.  It doesn’t matter. These idiots mentioned above caused this problem and you should not expect them to fix it.  Only we can do that.

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