The ACP Now Wants in on Physician Burnout

I have mentioned before how the AMA and the AAFP have suddenly jumped in on the “physician burnout” bandwagon.  Well, the American College of Physicians just realized there is a money train here as well and don’t want to be left out:

Led by the Physician Well-Being and Professional Satisfaction Task Force, the program will provide the tools and programs for individual members, their practices, and ACP Chapters to improve practice efficiencies, reduce administrative burdens, and ultimately combat burnout.

“It is critical to address the many factors that can lead to professional dissatisfaction, burnout, depression, and suicide among physicians,” ACP’s Board of Regents Chair Susan Thompson Hingle, MD, MACP, stated in a press release. “The ACP is committed to helping internists experience greater fulfillment by identifying, promoting, and disseminating approaches to improve the practice environment so that they can better serve their patients.”

A key component of the initiative is establishing a team of ACP Well-Being Champions to share strategies, provide peer coaching, and create a deeper awareness of issues in the field.

Good for them.   I will say the same thing about the ACP as the AAFP and AMA. You all agreed to EVERY mandate that has caused burnout.  You were warned this would happen and now you want to come in like the cavalry to save us?  Shame on you all.  And isn’t it funny that you will ignore your role in causing this burnout problem and yet create programs to make money off of us?

You all need to go away.  You are not fooling anyone.  You are all frauds.

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