Uber, 911 and Our Government

I find this as an incredible example of why we don’t want the government running our healthcare system:

Software on Apple Inc.’s iPhones and Google’s Android smartphones help mobile apps like Uber and Facebook to pinpoint a user’s location, making it possible to order a car, check in at a local restaurant or receive targeted advertising.

But 911, with a far more pressing purpose, is stuck in the past.

U.S. regulators estimate as many as 10,000 lives could be saved each year if the 911 emergency dispatching system were able to get to callers one minute faster. Better technology would be especially helpful, regulators say, when a caller can’t speak or identify his or her location.

Amazing, right?  10,000 lives!

The free market always wins.  It is better, cheaper and more innovative as long as there is competition.

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