Cheers to Katherine Smith Lockler, a Damn Good Nurse by Pat Conrad MD

This has been a notable flu season.  It has been more evident than usual who the freeloaders and whiners are who come to the ER on someone else’s dime for the sniffles, and I resent them even more than usual.  Hospitals throughout our region are all full, and non-emergent patients are sucking up our last free moments and reserves of energy for bullshit.  And every mom who didn’t want to wait in the pediatrician’s office is just coming to the ER, if only for a school note (hellooo, Medicaid).  Everyone is tired, and all of U.S. health care could really use 2 weeks off for extra vitamin C, chicken soup, hot toddies, hotter baths, and sleep.  Ain’t happening.

So God bless this nurse for calling it like it is.  WATCH THIS CLIP!  Her clip went viral and I really hope some cowardly CEO or jerk government inspector doesn’t cause her grief for it.  Apparently, someone is already lodging a complaint with the Florida Board of Nursing.  We are being nibbled to death by rats.

The interweb called this a rant, but it’s not.  It’s a PSA, and I applaud this lady, and if you don’t, I hope you get a really bad case of the flu.

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