Physician Be Well Series

Why get mad?  It really isn’t worth it.  Let me tell you a story and you can take from it any lesson you want.  When I decided to do DPC, a physician who I thought was my friend and who had recruited me to his practice, responded to my long email about explaining my dream with two words: “Be Well”.

It threw me for a loop. It made me think for days. Two words? And then I realized what he was saying with “Be Well” was….”Go f%ck yourself”. I got it. He said it without saying it. And I am sure he felt satisfaction inside. I really have no ill will towards him for that. It was brilliant.

Where am I going with this? I am not sure. I think that saying “Be Well” to someone can be very authentic and very well meaning.  For others, you may want your “Be Well” to mean what my doctor friend meant for me.  It’s up to you.  Either way, it is a good mantra to LET THINGS GO!

Say “Be Well” and take a deep breath…ahhhhhh.

There are eight avatars above.  There are actually a total of 12 and you can see most of them as t-shirts on Amazon if you search Authentic Medicine T-shirt or you can click here.  If your t-shirt avatar is not there then check back in a week as Amazon will only put up 10 at a time until a certain amount are sold.

Full disclosure: I am not going to make any money on this as I paid a dude to draw all these but it is worth it. I just thought these t-shirts would be fun.


Let me thank you in advance if you do purchase a shirt.  And please show us a picture here or on Facebook!

Be Well!


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