No Lose Scenario For The Insurers

This is modern day organized crime similar to the move Raging Bull.  Watch the clip. I continue to be so bothered by how the insurers worked the ACA.  Remember, they are bringing in double digit profits every year by gouging the consumer. Their stock prices continue to go up. And yet they want more.  This article in the WSJ explains more:

Insurers have filed roughly two-dozen lawsuits claiming the federal government reneged on promises it made to pay them under the Affordable Care Act.

Most of the lawsuits come down to a simple argument: Insurers say they were promised funding by the Obama administration under the ACA, but Republicans opposed to the law blocked the payments. That money, they say, is still owed to them because they suffered financial losses.

The standoff focuses partly on a program known as “risk corridors” that sought to entice insurers into the ACA markets by helping cover their financial risk. The administration collected money from insurers and redistributed it, giving more to companies that fared poorly on the ACA marketplaces.

In other words, this was a no risk deal. Why was this done?  Who would allow this crap?

If you win, you win. If you lose, you still win.”

I thought this stuff was only in movies.

I was wrong.

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