Alarming? Sobering? Why?

I have written over and over about the “cavalry” that is pretending to come and save us physicians from burnout.  My point has always been that we need to be leery of anyone coming to help, especially when they took part in, benefitted from, or profited in those things that caused the problems in the first place.  Today’s focus is a new one, however.  Here is the article from the AMA Wire and it is called Alarming survey results spark 7 system changes to buck burnout.  Here is my question. Why the hell were things so alarming?  How clueless did administrators have to be to not see the staff sputtering out around them?  Or did the administrators just not care?  The article goes on:

The results were sobering. Fifty-nine percent of Carilion physicians were experiencing high burnout. Half of medical students, physician assistants and nurse practitioners also reported burnout, with burnout being worst among residents.

Why was the results sobering?  Once again it is hard to believe that people who were supposed to manage other people did not see how bad things were.

So were they clueless or indifferent?  I would love to press their feet to the fire and make them choose.  I know it won’t happen but I can dream, right?

All right, now that I got that out of my system, point me to the fake wellness seminars and happiness committees that will pretend fix all this. Or just give me some scotch.

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