Can You Please Spare a Listen?

The first two episodes of the Authentic Medicine Podcast are up.  The first is just an introduction and the second is with my friend Vance Lassey MD.  The goal is to NOT be DPC centric.  Landon’s DPC podcast is for that. Vance and I talked about our Placebo Journal days and other really fun stuff.  I think you will enjoy it.

If you can please do me a favor and take a listen.  The links are below.  I really would love comment on iTunes. The feedback is great but it also helps me motivate to keep going. So, in summary, if you can support me then I would be so appreciative!

To look it up on your phone you need to search AUTHENTIC MEDICINE PODCAST

HERE IS THE LINK ON iTUNES . Please subscribe.


Individual episodes:

Episode One – Introduction (10 min or so)

Episode 2 – How can you be as big as Sasquatch and not be Funny? Interview with Vance Lassey MD

Hear the story about the pic below.

Thank you all in advance.

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