The Only Funny Man Left in Medicine

Please have a listen to my podcast with ZDoggMD (Zubin Damania).  In this episode I talk with him about his history as a doctor (yes, he still sees patients) as well as our common interests: humor, side gigs, laughing, the Big Lebowski, etc. ZDoggMD talks about picking his alias name and it somehow involved me! He does mention the controversy he has had with other docs and I think his point of view hasn’t been heard. I really believe he is a good man and is pro-doctor. He explains it better. His singing and rapping and parodies are hard work and he explains that too. Zubin needs credit for following a dream and passion and we need to salute that. I include a Doc Vader audio bit in the piece (It was spliced in from his video). It is VERY HARDCORE but he does it to PROTECT a doctor involved in an ER controversy and uses his Doc Vader alter ego to do it.  It sounds worse than it is but Zubin is a person of color and the “trash” he talks about were very, very abusive white patients in the original viral video. His website is HERE.

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