The Highlander is Dead by Pat Conrad MD

We wonder at the ongoing loss of respect accorded doctors by a whiny, furtive public, and then this:  “Leading Scots doctor in call to ban ‘killer’ kitchen knives.”  That’s right girls and boys and undecided, Dr. John Crichton, the new chairman of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland, did a study.  He looked at a whopping “260 mental health services users who had committed homicide.” of the 45 % who committed murder-by-knife, 85% used the pointy kitchen variety kind because, I guess, when you’re trying to prep haggis and your roommate won’t shut the hell up…

So a psychiatrist didn’t worry about the mental causes of violence so much as limiting access to those of us who have access to a kitchen.  He is proposing legislation to switch to less lethal “R” blade knives.  Crichton did not examine whether prospective patients might switch to less elegant cricket bats or spent whiskey bottles.

So we wonder why doctors continue to lose ground in the public eye?  Maybe its because we can’t learn to mind our own damn business, and instead constantly hector and nag anyone for any reason, always attempting to use government as the collective strait-jacket.  “This is a public health measure and public health measures are always about society deciding on a self-imposed restriction for the public good.”  Any one going into medicine with this aspiration IS a public health threat to thinking individuals, and they deserve the contempt of the safety-scissors society they seek to build.

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