Hospitals, Big Pharma and Insurers Strike a Deal to Lower Prices, Be Transparent, and Give Money Back to the People

In an amazing announcement, that even stunned me, the Medical Axis of Evil has turned into the Medical Axis of Good. Representatives of the Hospital Industry, Big Pharma and the Insurance Industry have spent the last few months in secret and came to the conclusion that they cannot lie anymore.  After months of negotiations they have decided on three initiatives:

  1. Lower Prices – they were each able to remove all fake fluff they put into their pricing structure, including exorbitant CEO salaries, and bring down cost almost 96%!
  2. Be Transparent – they decided they will all show the real prices to the public and it will be consistent for all, without backroom deals or confusing advertising tactics.
  3. Give Money Back to the People – in a major surprise they even decided to go back into their books and give patients back all the excessive profits over the last 10 years.

Wow, this is incredible news. I don’t even know what to say.  You can see the full article here.

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