NQF Wants More Q!

Amazingly enough, the National Quality Forum’s Measure Applications Partnership is really angry that the CMS is try to remove quality measures as part of its 2018 guidance to HHS.

The CMS has been removing measures it says are burdensome on clinicians, favoring outcome measures rather than process measures for quality tracking. That has sparked concern from the partnership in three separate reports released Wednesday.

The NQF coalition said that while it supports the CMS’ effort to alleviate clinicians’ reporting burden, it’s important for the agency to find a balance between the value of a measure and the effort clinicians need to take to report it. The coalition noted that “some of the most meaningful measures may have a high measurement burden.”

“There may be negative unintended consequences if low burden measures are prioritized over meaningful measures with a higher burden,” the coalition wrote.

Read that last sentence again.  What the hell does that even mean?

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I wonder what would happen to all these organizations with the letter Q in their name once we get rid of these bogus metrics?  They would be called the NF or, maybe, NOF for National Obsolete Forum.  Could that be why they are getting mad?

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