Ridiculous Study of the Week: Irritability

Did you know that there was “qualitative study comparing the way family medicine and pediatric vs specialty care providers evaluate and treat school-aged children who present with irritability”?  Yes, it’s true.  Money was spent on this. The study sample included 17 family medicine, pediatric, and psychiatry care providers from a single facility who participated in in-depth interviews from June to August 2016 about how they differentiate normal from abnormal irritability in children and adolescents in clinical practice.

Umm, isn’t every teenager is irritable?  I was irritable then and I am irritable reading this now.  You will be too:

Despite the resource limitations for primary care physicians and the absence of a true gold standard assessment tool, “the psychiatry respondents expressed a wish for PCPs to be more involved in assessing and treating irritability, while family medicine and pediatric providers expressed a wish to learn more about assessment and treatment,” according to the authors.

So, we have no time and no gold standard for this crap but make sure you assess and treat irritability.  Yeah, right.I know, let’s create a metric so we can penalize family docs for not assessing irritability.  Sounds reasonable.

Why are we physicians responsible for EVERYTHING?

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