Time to Hammer the the ABMS and MOC!

I was alerted to take some survey about board certification and this is interesting. It came via the AAFP website:

If you’d like to offer your insight on the current state of continuing board certification and how it can best evolve to truly serve the needs of physicians and their patients, here’s your chance. You have until May 11 to take advantage of a survey opportunity(visioninitiative.org) to share your thoughts on the future of continuing board certification.

Here is what it said:

As you may know, a national Commission has been appointed to study current Maintenance of Certification processes and envision the future of continuing certification.

The cynical part of me states that this is a scam and they will get enough “doctors” to say they love the MOC and therefore snuff out the uprising.  Below is a one of the questions I answered.  They are obviously pushing you to keep their money making racket going.

Please go to the above link and HAMMER THESE SONS OF BITCHES!!

Here is the link again. 

Take the survey and kill the MOC. Don’t be surprised, though, if somehow this survey goes the ABMS’ way on this.  These are very powerful people.

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