Medical Journal Fake News

Okay, this one is really scary to me.  It’s beyond me being critical and sarcastic.  I am embarrassed for our system because as a physician I rely on keeping up to date from medical journals. It is being reported that:


  • Nearly two-thirds of medical research in the US is paid for by drug firms who could have a financial stake in the outcomes
  • Several of the top medical journals have been found to be raking in millions of dollars from pharmaceutical companies through kickbacks and reprinting fees
  • The journal for the American Medical Association gets 52 percent of its revenue from reprinting studies by pharmaceutical companies
  • Editors at the journal of the American College of Cardiology received $15 million in kickbacks from drug firms

Am I surprised?  Actually I am a little.  I knew the AMA was a sell out but 52%?  There needs to be a massive enema given to the medical journal system to clean this crap out. We should demand it. Where are the ethics for these editors?  How do they sleep at night?  I am beyond disturbed at this.

I feel guilty selling t-shirts and books but I think I am transparent. Links attached, LOL.  This, however, is ridiculous.

What do you think?


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