“Staring Saves” Is No Surprise by Pat Conrad MD

King Doug might want to list this under “Ridiculous Study of the Week” because it does cite the intuitively obvious.  But in the uncertain times when “toxic masculinity” is under attack by the 63 different genders (at least), maybe a little reassurance is in order.  “Staring at boobs is just one of six easy ways men can live longer” is just such reassurance, for which there has to be as much scientific basis as for anything else worthwhile.  The article suggests that women live longer because of having two X chromosomes, giving them more mutational resilience, which may be true.  The article also suggests that marriage and child rearing confer extra longevity on men, whereas I suspect those activities actually lead to premature male death.  Clearly more research is needed.

What is not discussed is whether Sephora gift boxes or binge-watching “The Bachelor” are activities that prolong female lives.  Because studying that would truly be ridiculous.

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