Remember that Rating System for Hospitals? Yeah, it Doesn’t Work.

It turns out that “the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has miscalculated hospitals star ratings since they were first released in 2016” according to an article on the Crains Detroit Business .

  • They found that instead of evenly weighting the eight measures in the safety of care group, the CMS’ star ratings formula relied heavily on one measure — PSI-90 — for the first four releases of the ratings and then complication rates from hip and knee replacements for the latest release, the article said.
  • The single measure accounted for about 98 percent of a hospital’s performance in the safety group.

I am sure, though, that CMS got it right for all those quality measures used to rate doctors.  Ha!  Sorry, some of my drink came through my nose after laughing so hard.

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