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Did you hear the news?

Obamacare premiums set to soar in 2019

Before you start blaming the right or the left, I just want you to know that it doesn’t matter.  I believe I am the ONLY written/blogger that follows this.  I mentioned this farce last year.  The idiotic article above says:

Many insurers cite two key drivers of the increases: Congress’ elimination of the penalty for the individual mandate — which requires nearly all Americans to have coverage or pay up –and the Trump administration’s expected expansion of two types of health plans that don’t have to adhere to Obamacare’s regulations.

We need to stop letting the media hypnotize us.  As I have been tracking this for almost a decade, here is what the media says every year:

  1. Health insurers seek big premium increases (2017)
  3. More Health-Care Insurers Seek Big Premium Increases – WSJ (2015)
  4. Health Insurers Threaten To Increase Premiums, Even As Profits Soar (2013)
  5. Health insurance costs rise again | Star Tribune (2012)
  6. Health Insurers Seek Higher Premiums – The New York Times (2011)
  7. Health insurers seek rate hikes, citing new reform law – The Denver Post (2010)

I put the year these articles were published in parenthesis but just know that they’re forecasting or warning about the rates for the following year.   So, I have them all in order. Can you see any commonalities?


It’s the insurers who continue to make more and more money yet somehow get away with passing any expenses onto us.  They “feed” the press whatever the want and these idiots buy it. They cry poor mouth but their stocks and profits keep going up and the media is too busy with personal grudges to report what is really going on.

So, I’ll report it.  The truth is that EVERY YEAR we will have the same headline as shown above.  This is not new.  How about for ONCE it says Health insurance to lower premiums next year?

What a joke.

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