Walmart All In On Your Medical Records

Recently, Walmart has been in talks to acquire Humana. Now they were awarded a patent for a system that would store a person’s medical information in a blockchain database. “The patent, issued last week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, describes three key parts to the system: a wearable device in which the blockchain is stored; a biometric scanner for an individual’s biometric signature; and an RFID scanner to scan the wearable device, ideally a bracelet or wrist band.”

Who here feels like a commodity now? I sure do.

“According to the patent, first responders would scan the device to access an encrypted private key. They would decrypt that using the biometric identifier and, with a second public key, retrieve the victim’s records.”

Yeah, not so sure about that.  What a patent says and what it is eventually is used for can be two totally different things. Go back to the Humana possible acquisition.  How will this data be used to help Humana?  Do you want them to have and, maybe, sell your data?  Does blockchain make this data safer?   Will they be doing “price checks” on humans?

I am a little afraid of this information.  Are you?

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