Saving an Hour a Year

According to the CMS they have “proposed historic changes to Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) and the Quality Payment Program (QPP) to restore the doctor-patient relationship and streamline clinical billing.”  The funny thing is that I remembered this “blended” trick years ago and it either failed or didn’t pass.  No matter as it doesn’t affect me now but it does affect MOST other doctors.  You all can debate the merits of this plan.  Will it make doctors go faster, see more patients and document less because they can all bill a 99212? Will they make more or less money?  Who knows?  What CMS did say on their site was this:

Removing unnecessary paperwork requirements through the PFS proposal would save individual clinicians an estimated 51 hours per year if 40 percent of their patients are in Medicare.

Interesting. I was fixated on this time estimate and I couldn’t figure out why.  I knew I saw something like it before but where?  Then it hit me…..on Facebook.  Let’s bring in the clowns:

I just love when the AMA saves the day.  I guess the whole EMR problem goes away by joining the AMA?  Not.  In fact, they agreed to every quality metric and P4P plan given to us that eventually drowned doctors in meaningless tasks.  They helped start this whole mess.  That being said, and if they are correct in their number, why doesn’t the AMA just tell CMS “we’ll fix the log-on problem for doctors and you leave things alone?  This way no one gets hurt and we save the doctors one hour a year.  And to be nice we will allow the doctors to do anything they want with that one hour…… long it’s documented.”

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