Ridiculous Studies of the Week: You Vote the Winner

There is so much medical garbage out there that I couldn’t pick which one was the worst.  I need your help.  Here are your nominees:

  1. A new study shows the number of Louisiana adults without health insurance has been cut in half since the state expanded its Medicaid program. (That’s interesting. So if you give some more people insurance then you reduce those who don’t have insurance?  Is that new math?).
  2. A recent study on EHRs “showed that even after the EHR was established, both doctors and patients expressed dissatisfaction.” (You needed a study to prove that?).
  3. A study recently published in JAMA Network Open found that people with higher BMI also had increased BP and CVD related events. (So getting fat has repercussions?).

I know this one is tough.  They are all idiotic in their own special way but someone has to take home the trophy.  It’s your turn to figure this out.  Which one is most ridiculous?  Vote below:

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