Getting Office Visits More Impersonal and Costly

The bureaucracy in medicine has made the job of being a physician extremely difficult.  There are so many ways to fix it but one is now being touted as the key:

A new study in JAMA found that the use of scribes can directly and positively impact the amount of time physicians spend on EHR documentation and bring significant improvements in productivity and job satisfaction.

Yes, another layer of cost added to the office visit.  Instead of stripping away the garbage the powers that be are supporting studies to put scribes in between the doctor and the patient.

Results showed that compared to periods where scribes were not used, periods where they were showed less self-reported after-hours EHR documentation, also sometimes referred to as ‘pajama time.'”

Listen, patients are not getting a choice here.  I guarantee they don’t want someone loitering in the exam room.  As a patient myself I found it…weird.

If the industry is to address the growing relationship between EHRs and physician burnout, then a solution like using scribes to shoulder some of that burden seems a logical one, one that could keep physicians happy, healthy, and practicing longer.

Really?  If you complain of pain because you are sticking a pin continuously in your eye then why would you give pain medicine?  Why not just stop sticking the pin in your eye?  The same holds true here.  Get rid of the bogus unproven metrics and go back to plain old SOAP notes.  Strip away the useless crap.  Not all primary care docs can afford scribes.  Heck, they can’t even afford all the staff they have now for prior authorizations and chasing down insurance payments.  Now you are going to add another salary, benefits and payroll taxes to the equation?  Yeah, let’s make the cost of running a practice even more unaffordable so that either the doctor shoulders the load or the costs are trickled down to the patient.

It’s idiotic.

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