Homeopathy That Works?

Talk about missing the real story.  Here is what was in the AMA Morning Rounds:

FDA recalls homeopathic products over water contamination concerns

USA Today (8/30, Snider) reports King Bio, a homeopathic drug maker, is recalling all of its products that use water over concerns of possible contamination with “several microbial contaminants.” USA Today explains, “The FDA, which recently inspected and collected samples at King Bio’s facility, contacted the company earlier this week to recommend recalling all products that include water.”

CNN (8/30, Goldschmidt) reports the products include “symptom relievers for ear infections, coughs, chicken pox, cold sores, warts, styes, swollen glands, snoring and tremors, appetite enhancers, attention and learning enhancers, and body detox,” among others.

Newsweek (8/30, Gander) reports the company “said microbes including burkholderia multivorans, which can cause serious respiratory infections in individuals with weak immune systems, were found at the facility.” Infants, children, pregnant women “and those with weak immune systems are at particular risk of contracting life-threatening illnesses” due to the contaminants.

Homeopathy, brutally picked apart by author Ben Goldacre in Bad Science: Hacks, Quacks and Big Pharma Flacks, is supposedly a treatment that uses a dilution method where there is NOTHING left in the potion.  The real story about the “water contamination” issue above is that there now is something in there that actually may a treatment!  It would be hysterical to see how much better efficacy there was, over their normal placebo amount, when having these contaminants.  I can see the headline now, FDA Approves Contaminated Homeopathic Products Because They Now Actually Work.

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