The Massive EHR Evaluation and Report

The Pew Charitable Trusts, MedStar Health’s National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare in Washington, D.C., and the American Medical Association released a report outlining ways to improve EHR safety and usability.  Here it is:

  1. Encourage a culture of safety that prioritizes optimizing EHR systems to mitigate usability and safety hazards
  2. Support design and development of an EHR product that prioritizes usability for end-users like clinicians
  3. Identify the appropriate EHR product to meet healthcare providers’ needs
  4. Customize the EHR with tailored coding and configuration to meet the specific needs of the healthcare organization acquiring the product
  5. Implement and maintain a safe and usable EHR product through regular system upgrades
  6. Train clinicians and other end-users to safely and effectively use the EHR product

Here are my thoughts.  I don’t even know what number 1 means.  Numbers two and three can be combined into one as in: Make sure the f#cking thing works. The fourth one is code for “make sure this thing optimizes billing because that is all we care about”.  Number 5 and 6 really is the same as numbers two and three: Make sure the f#cking thing works”. Got it?

Let’s do the George Carlin trick and really tighten this up.  This whole, massive piece of crap can be condensed into:

Make sure the EHR f#cking works but, more importantly, is able to optimize billing to satisfy the government and insurance companies. 

Useless, utterly useless. How much do you think this report cost?  How many meetings in nice hotels did the big wigs have to get these commandments?  The patient, computer and doctor walk into a room and the only one that anyone cares about being satisfied is the damn computer!

When I deal with AtlasMD as my EHR for my DPC clinic it has been an absolute pleasure. The guy behind it, Josh Umbehr MD, is a practicing DPC doc. They get back to me instantly.  It has never crashed in 5 years. I only use SOAP notes now and no extra fluff in my notes. No one is selling patients data on the back end.  No one is selling my data on the back end.  It works and it bills patients directly.

How about Pew, Medstar and the AMA take a look at them?

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