Who is Responsible for the Bill?

A new survey found that “57 percent of adults in the United States have received a surprise medical bill for services they thought would be covered by their insurance”.   Why is that a surprise?  Insurance companies are crooks. Their job is to steal your money.

Here are some other common “surprise” bills:

  • Physician services (53 percent of respondents).
  • Laboratory tests (51 percent)
  • Hospital or healthcare facility charges (43 percent)
  • Prescription drugs (29 percent)

First of all, do you see any commonalities from the above? I know I keep blowing the same horn but DIRECT PRIMARY CARE addresses all four.  Patients know the physician fees as it is a monthly membership.  The lab tests are up to 90% cheaper in our offices.  There is no facility fee and we either sell patients discounted drugs for minimal profit or we help them navigate the system for cheaper drugs (Goodrx, etc).

The world has changed.  If patients are surprised at their bills then they need to make a change.  We need insurance companies to go back to catastrophic or major medical companies and get out of the “healthcare” business.  We need transparency and a free market system.  Can’t be done?  I just showed you that it can.

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