Friday Funny: Physical Activity

I forget how funny some of this stuff was.  The Placebo Journal ran from 2001-2011.  This blog started, by the way, in 2002. Anyway, Vance Lassey MD and I were having some beers last night and were laughing our asses off at some of the things we put in print.  I just found the one above.  It is 9 years old. It was a parody of the patient education sheets you would see in the American Family Physician Journal. Those things were so simple and made for an 8 year old.  Hence, what you see above.  Enjoy.

*Oh, it is really hard to find some of these Placebo Journals anymore.  I don’t think i even have them all.   I saw someone selling them on eBay for $75 a piece!   Damn, I finally would have made money from it if I had just kept them!

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