Ridiculous Study of the Week: Heart Attacks and Cold Weather

Here you go.  Groundbreaking research once again:

Based on more than a decade and a half of medical and weather data, researchers linked an increased incidence of heart attacks to lower air temperatures, lower atmospheric pressure, higher wind velocity and shorter durations of sunshine, according to the report in JAMA Cardiology.

Do you buy it?  There may be some interesting thoughts here but what about the contradicting studies showing that cold weather is healthy (see this link  – not a study but you get the idea)?  The truth is that man NEVER feels cold weather.  We heat our houses and never expose ourselves to the environment.  I could go on forever but the amount of confounding variables that could blow this study up would be endless.  My biggest issue is how the press will twist this.   So I googled it and the first thing I saw was:

Colder weather could increase your chances of heart attack, study finds

Once again you have sound bite research that makes no sense and helps no one.  I heard that they are now studying whether amputees have a higher chance of getting tinea pedis.  That should be a good one, too.

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