Best Paid Healthcare Executives

Here is an article that you can see how much your state Hospital CEOs are making.  It’s fun. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hospital systems and states not included but you’ll get the idea.  Take this guy, for instance:

HCA Holdings Chairman and CEO R. Milton Johnson ranked as best-paid health care executive in the Business Journals analysis, with some $17.3 million in total compensation awarded in 2017. Headquartered out of Nashville, Tennessee, Johnson oversees the largest for-profit health system in the country with some 179 hospitals and another 120 ambulatory-surgery centers nationally.

I love it.  I mean, in an occupation where there are people LITERALLY dying because they can’t afford healthcare, this guy pulls in $17 million and sleeps at night.  How is that even possible?  It boggles the mind.

Okay, you have the link so go on and plug some names in there.  And don’t forget to leave some comments here if you know them or even want to defend them.

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