Help Peel Back the Curtain on PBMs

No doctor likes pharmacy benefit managers.  Patients don’t really save money with these middlemen involved. They are parasites and all they do is print money for themselves.

  • Americans fill 4.5 billion prescriptions per year. The biggest pharmacy benefit managers are profiting from the vast majority of those transactions, largely through sophisticated and complex financial engineering. Critics argue these tactics contribute to the country’s high drug prices, which makes it important to understand how all of this works.
  • Pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, are middlemen. They administer the prescription drug coverage in employers’ health care plans, which includes negotiating for discounts with the pharmaceutical companies.
  • Critics say PBMs keep a lot of those savings for themselves, rather than passing them on to consumers. PBMs say they’re providing real value. But their contracts are highly complex and secretive, making it hard to determine who’s right.

I think this site, where I took the above, does a real good job exposing these crooks.  The trail goes deep so follow it for a while.

I think the world is changing and by shining a light on these cockroaches we may finally rid ourselves of them.  This is why I do what I do with this Authentic Medicine blog.  Help spread the word.