Hallelujah, CMS Is Going After the Joint Commission

I write this with a smile on my face and a skip in my step. Say what you want about this administration (no, I don’t really want you to) but they are getting some things done. They are now “weighing whether to continue approving hospital and health-accreditation groups that also have consulting arms”. This is because evildoers like the Joint Commission say they have a strict firewall between its consulting arm and the accrediting organization (stop laughing) but CMS sees a conflict of interest. More from the WSJ article:

  • This marks the first time in the 53-year history of U.S. health accreditation system that its potential financial conflicts have come under regulatory scrutiny.
  • The Journal article found that troubled hospitals with safety violations often kept their full accreditation with the Joint Commission even after significant problems were found.
  • Hospitals and health organizations pay accreditors for the inspections. Many that hire the Joint Commission also pay a subsidiary for consultants, who help them pass the accreditation survey.

For those of you who hate the Joint Commission, like I do, please feel free to post your thoughts below. I truly want to see this organization flame out but maybe I am overdoing it? You tell me.

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